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A while ago i was just like you, i went to Google every day, searched and read about many topics like how to make money online, or how to generate a passive income. Well i came across many websites and blogs, most of them are scam, and some are genuine, but i never did find any free system that lets you earn a decent amount of income without some kind of investment. And let’s be honest, it is pretty hard these days to trust anything on the internet. I did not want to spend a dime, so i did my research, and came up with a couple of simple steps that got me a passive income online daily, without me doing any hard work, and I’m going to share that with you today.

What i will try and show you in this course is that you don’t need a fancy blog that you have to update every single day. All you need is a static web page that you can create in a couple of hours, and then forget about it, it will immediately start generating income (no experience needed, nor scripting language knowledge whatsoever).YES, ITS THAT SIMPLE. PLUS, IT IS COMPLETELY FREE, so no need for an investment of any kind, nor giving your credit card number. IT IS RISK FREE.

Now the question you’re probably asking yourself right now is “well, what am I going to write about in my website?”. Let me tell you, you shouldn’t worry about that. I’m sure everybody knows something, you just pick a topic that you are familiar with, and write some information about it, maybe a page or two, and that’s it. So you can literally write about anything, e.g. video games, summer vacations, mythology, medicine, how to make money online, how to lose weight, or even how to gain weight.

All you need to do now to get started is to follow these two simple steps:


*STEP 1: go to www.host1free.com and sign up for FREE.

host1free is a free web hosting service that offers 2GB Disk Space to host your website, and in this case, wordpress. And the good news is, you don’t have to download and install wordpress manually, host1free will do it for you automatically. But we’ll get to that later.


*STEP 2: go to www.dot.tk and create a domain name for FREE.

dot.tk is a great service that lets you create your own “.tk” domain name. Just like “.com”, “.org”, or “.net”. But the difference is, “.tk” is for FREE.


Once you are done with that, please click here to show you how to setup your web-host. Or here, to see how to create a domain name.

When you finish setting up your website and getting it ready to be public, please click here to start learning how to monetize it and START EARNING MONEY IMMEDIATELY.